Trekking in Nepal


Adam is American born but Canadian bred and believes maple syrup goes onFishing anything. He grew up with a love for the outdoors and extreme sports. To say he’s had a few hobbies so far is an understatement. It began with hockey, mountain biking, snowboarding, rock climbing and hiking, then progressed to surfing, fishing and most notably photography. He has a degree in Geography and Environmental Management and enjoys being in nature as much as possible. With hobbies and passions like these a desire to travel and experience the world was always going to be undeniable. Along the way he hopes to be able to share some of the worlds beauty through his photos and perhaps inspire you to get out and see it for yourself.

Alice is Australian born and bred and believes that there are better things to put on Nepal Trekkingpancakes than maple syrup. Alice grew up in a small coastal town in South Australia before moving to Adelaide to study.  Her passion for travel was ignited as a teenager after participating in a school exchange program to Germany for 3 months. She has since journeyed through South America, Nepal, India, The Philippines and much of South East Asia. One of her favourite things to do in a new country is to track down the local street stalls or even take a cooking class to learn about the local cuisine. Alice is also more often than not the planner behind our adventures. In charge of the budgets, itinerary and pre-departure organising, although when left to provide directions she often falls short of the mark.


It was our mutual love of travelling which saw us both arrive in Hanoi around the same time and check into the same hostel. Adam was there meeting some fellow Canadians and about to undertake a re-enactment of a Top Gear Episode, and drive from North to South Vietnam on a motorbike. I was there with a girlfriend who planned on spending a month in Vietnam and a month in Thailand. Within the first few days of arrival in Hanoi I made a bold decision that I would accompany Adam on the back of his motorbike to ride the length of Vietnam or for as long as my prearranged time in the country would allow.  After several weeks of amazing adventures and experiences our time together was coming to an end. After much discussion with my happy-go-lucky girlfriend we decided that we were having entirely too much fun to leave our scooter gang (The Sons of Vietnam) and decided to cancel our tickets to Thailand and continue on to Saigon with the rest of the group. Several more weeks later and my ticket home to reality was fast approaching. Adam who had planned on being on the road for much longer had the luxury of time and decided that he would apply for an Australian work visa and spend some time in Australia. With his work visa granted only several hours after application we had formulated a plan to extend our time together… and the rest I guess you can say is history.